Naturopathic Medical Clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect from a visit?  

A visit to a Naturopathic doctor, or N.D., will be similar to a visit to your family doctor. Your first visit will take approximately an hour, maybe a little longer. During this time, a very thorough history is taken, including questions about diet, lifestyle, stress, and environmental exposures. Next, the N.D. will perform an appropriate physical examination, which may require laboratory tests. Naturopathic doctors treat the whole person, which means they consider a variety of factors before they diagnose and treat an illness.

Does a Naturopathic Doctor provide Primary Care?
Yes, an N.D. has been trained to provide Primary Care. We can diagnose, treat, order labs and imaging, and provide referrals to a specialist if needed.  

What insurances do you take?
We are contracted as Preferred Providers with Regence, Bridgespan, Health Management Administrators (HMA), Pacific Source, MODA, Allcare Advantage, and Atrio Health Plan. We are able to bill many other insurance companies but are classified as “out-of-network providers.” Our rates are lower than many clinics, so if you have a high deductible plan it may be cheaper to be seen at our office. Have our office check your plan for coverage before the first office visit. 

The Affordable Care Act prohibits insurance plans from discriminating against providers in either participation or coverage in a plan. This makes it illegal for insurance companies to exclude licensed N.D.s from being covered. Many insurance companies are complying with the law and are now covering our services, even if you do not have Alternative Coverage on your plan.  

Can you prescribe medications?
Yes, licensed N.D.s can prescribe the majority of medications in Oregon. The exclusion would be for some chemotherapeutic drugs and some anti-psychotics.

Can you work with my current Primary Care Provider (PCP)?
Yes, we have many patients that continue to see their current PCP due to insurance coverage, and we provide further education in diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplementation.

How is Naturopathic Care different from the care I get from my medical doctor?
N.D.s work to find the cause of disease, instead of just treating the symptoms. We look at what is missing from the foundations of health such as diet, exercise, stress management, as well as at any environmental or genetic influences on your health.  We opt to use natural substances such as herbs, vitamins and minerals, and homeopathics before the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Helpful Resources

As Naturopathic Physicians we try to teach the principles of healthy living and preventative medicine.  We believe in educating our patients about their health conditions and what they can do to prevent further complications.  Here are some informational handouts on various health topics that you can use to live a healthier life.

If you are preparing to visit our office for the first time, you may download the forms to prepare ahead of time.

First Office Visit

New Patient Intake Packet​​

Medication List

Medical Records Release Form

Disease Prevention

Cold & Flu

Nasal Lavage


Seasonal Allergies

Heart Health


High Blood Pressure

Lowering Cholesterol


Smart Dietary Choices

Anti-Candida Diet

Foods That Love the Liver

Common Digestive Disorders

Other Dietary Resources


Heavy Metals

Lead Exposure in Children

Chelation Therapy